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Mission Statement


Our mission is to support the professional growth of people with disabilities as they enter and progress in Florida’s workforce.

About the Able Trust Young Professionals Network (YPN)

The Able Trust Young Professionals Network is a networking and education space for young professionals with disabilities up to age 40 to support their professional growth.

The benefits of joining YPN include: 

  • A supportive environment to network

  • Access to educational events for personal and professional growth

  • Learning of professional opportunities

  • Opportunities for giving back


YPN is supported by The Able Trust to help provide a continuum of support and learning for Floridians with disabilities as they enter and develop professionally. The Able Trust is a key leader in providing opportunities for successful employment for Floridians with disabilities through its financial support of employment programs, youth programs and ongoing initiatives. The Able Trust exists to help Floridians with disabilities enter and succeed in the workforce.


The Able Trust also supports the ABLE Network, a B2B/peer-to-peer program for business leaders committed to diversity and inclusion. The network supports businesses that want to educate, empower, and employ Floridians with disabilities, and fosters business-to-business learning and best practices.